I draw stuff. Mostly robots BUT other stuff too.
Sorry for the total lack of posting everyone, I don’t have a scanner anymore so I’m getting used to all digital drawing again.
Wrapped in blue, the High Priestess is the keeper of secrets and knowledge. Held up as an ideal, it represents wisdom and the indwelling divine; it is the perfection and mysticism that has been lost to other beings. The High Priestess may indicate either hiding truth or revealing it, but care must be taken that mystery does not lead to misunderstanding.
The Magician symbolizes intelligence, self-confidence, precision, and manipulation. It represents the talents and potential of the subject, their ability to transform that which is around them. Inverted it points to trickery or deceit. Though a low number card, the power that it suggests can spin out of control and become a great danger to others.
The Fool is the zero card. The beginning and end of the Tarot deck, it represents the protagonist who begins and ends a journey. Indicative of an indeterminate state of being and the lust for adventure or new experiences. Exuberant but not necessarily foolish, The Fool possesses the child-like ability to adapt as the world around them changes.
Been thinking about doing a MTMTE version of the Major Arcana in the Tarot deck, just for fun.

Finished Assassin’s Creed III. There may be some art but all spoilers will be tagged, just as forewarning.